5 Signs You’re Heading Towards Burn-Out

When it comes to burn-out, it can happen to so many of us, without us even noticing the signs. You don’t have to be in a high pressured job, or be a mum or even a CEO of a multinational company to have burn-out, burn-out can happen anytime, any age, anywhere, but these are my top five signs to look out for when it comes to burn-out.

  1. You feel exhausted

Feeling exhausted can be either from physical or mental exhaustion or even both. Physical can be quite detrimental to your body as it may have been put under continual stress and you haven’t allowed yourself and downtime or recovery time. Your muscles will feel tight, you may be restless, not sleeping well, anxious, irritable, feeling fatigued, your hormones might be imbalanced or maybe you have shortness of breath. Mental exhaustion is just as bad because the consequences of difficulty making decisions, constant worry, poses an even greater risk.

  1. Lack motivation

There are two main types of motivation, internal and external. External is when you’re doing something, and you’re just lacking the enthusiasm, you are just going through the motions. We have to do tasks each day, but it’s actually hard work getting that task completed. There is no real meaning behind it. Internal is that deep connection, when your comforting a child, normally you are deeply connected as it’s deeply important, so it is quite the opposite feeling that you feel ineffective.

  1. Not looking after oneself, skipping meals, lack of sleep

When you start not caring about your own well-being, this is certainly leading to burn-out. We all need exercise, good meals, sleep to function properly. We risk ourselves and our body in the process if you don’t nurture and nourish. That is why it is so important that we give ourselves time to rest and relax and eat healthy meals and unhook ourselves away from technology. Sometimes we just think this is the norm, but it isn’t. This is the first real sign of burnout, being constantly sick and tired. You can actually get physical symptoms like headaches, stomach upset, weight gain and weight loss. All signs that something just isn’t right.

  1. Dread having to go to work each day or to look after family

We all at times can feel like that and think, I want to take the day off, I don’t want to go to work or prepare the kids’ lunch’s and get them ready. There could be other underlying issues, such as bullying in the workplace or you have a boss that isn’t very supportive or you are not focussing on your work so much as what you did when you first started. These are all signs something isn’t right. Or you are not really focussing on your family right now, which isn’t you…so be aware, these are all crucial signs of burnout.

  1. Feeling under-appreciated.

Haven’t we all felt like this at some point in our lives? We put 110% into our work, into our family. Are you feeling overwhelmed, upset, feeling over-worked by the boss, not appreciated by the kids or the Hubby or the Mrs? Sometimes many of us get to a stage that we are so over-worked, there is ‘just nothing left in the tank’. You know that feeling that you are going through the motions day in day out. But your head and your heart are not the same. This is not a good thing, this is a response to burn-out, emotionally you may be feeling overwhelmed and feeling under-appreciated and this is again another sign to look out for.

There are so many more signs to look out for.  All these factors and many more are typical signs that you are actually heading towards burn-out. It is a combination of physical and mental exhaustion and this is when you need to step away, seek help and advice and have a well-earned break to look after yourself. You are no good to your job, your family, or yourself if you don’t look after number one “You”.

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