How To Practice Self-Love With These 3 Habits

When was the last time you allowed yourself to breathe and enjoy life? Sometimes we look around us in search for meaning and affirmation without realising that the answer is found within. Here are some tips that encourage self-love:


Detoxify your thoughts. If there is one thing that you can do right now, that is to free your mind from toxic thoughts. Stop harbouring thoughts that limit and disempower you. Change your mindset towards realistic and positive outlook. It is time to take charge of your thinking and reorient your perspective. Meditation is one key element in correcting thoughts and creating contentment.

Nurture your heart. Our hearts are fragile. It responds to every emotion with vulnerability. This is both a strength and weakness. If we tolerate sensitivity, we can always be a target of emotional harm. There is a way to master the art of guarding and nurturing our hearts. One way is to stay away from toxic relationships. We have to recognize the people who are worthy of our affection. There is no point lingering in a bad relationship. However, you can always find a solution to resolve conflicts by extending your patience and understanding. When all else fails, there is no shame in letting go.

Take care of your body. Our being cannot function properly without fuel. It is vital to prioritise your health by proper diet and good exercise. An ideal balance between the two is recommended. Ask a friend or an expert for help when you need an extra push. It is important to take note that you don’t have to struggle in losing weight or perfecting your physique, what matters more is your wellbeing. The goal is to revitalise your health and everything else is secondary.


There is time for everything under the sun. Most often, you have time for everything and everyone else, but yourself. Everyone needs rest and reward. It is special when you find time to reflect, recuperate, or do anything you want. Take a breather. Discover your comfort zone and relax. It can be through walking, recreation, journaling, or a simple cup of tea in a cosy corner of your home. Whatever works for you, do it. Search an inner peace in the recesses of your being. Love every moment you spend to pamper and rejuvenate your body and soul. A secret to keeping in tune with your inner man is devoting time for yourself without guilt and inhibition.


You might be familiar with the saying, “Love your neighbour as yourself.” This is true. It is a prerequisite in loving others. We can truly love others if we know how to love ourselves. In the wellspring of life, there exists our connection with others. We are sojourners of this world. Ask yourself of the people you value most. Reconnect and rekindle the friendship. There is no need to throw a party or be extravagant, a call or a simple hi can be a good start. Aim to cultivate your bond with them and with the ones who were with you through thick and thin. These are the people who deserve your attention.

On the other hand, it is also not too late to form new relationships. As we journey in life, there will be people who will be with us for the long haul or for a season. Do not be afraid to take a leap of faith. There is always beauty in companionship. Surrounding yourself with love, joy, and energy from the right people is loving yourself.

Practising self-love is knowing when to pause and re-evaluate your goals. It can be as simple as taking a break or as massive as redirecting your career. There is nothing wrong with it. Love yourself for who you are now, not for who you were and what you want to become. Remember that you are enough. You are always enough. But there is always room to reinvent your purpose and renew your passion in life. Be courageous to take a step forward. You’ll see that life will love you back.

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