Alchemy of the soul.
a focus on health and wellbeing


Sharon Tal (aka The Soul Alchemist), is one of Australia’s most respected speakers on self-empowerment through natural healing therapies.

Passionate and straight-talking, Sharon is no stranger to the spotlight. She has been teaching, speaking and sharing her wisdom in one form or another since she was a 18-year-old sergeant in the Israeli army (she says she was “real tough but also real fun”).

Since re-making herself into a successful healer many moons ago, Sharon today wows crowds all over Australia with her ability to “bring spiritually into their reality and reality into their spirituality“.

The Melbourne-based wellness and healing speaker is sought after by everyone from corporates and professional women to school groups, spiritual expos and charity events.

My vision as a speaker is simple – to explore the things that are keeping you stuck, whether personally or professionally, and to inspire you to make positive changes. To heal your life.

Sharon Tal

Healer, Kinesiologist, Reiki Master,
Meditation Facilitator & Counsellor


Script, what script? We could put it down to Sharon’s years of experience with psychic work and channelling. Or just her natural exuberance for life. Whatever it is, one thing is clear. Sharon has an uncanny ability to feel out her audience, pick up on their vibe, and tailor her presentation to suit their needs. Some people call this going with the flow. Others call it magic.


Sharon is a dynamo. She will challenge, provoke and invite deep, grounded discussion about the soul’s path back to itself with highly-energised presentations tailored for specific audiences.


Spiritual work is not for the fainthearted. Sharon creates a safe and supportive environment for her audiences so they can move through blocks towards self mastery.


You might not necessarily associate the healing world with fun. But that’s because you haven’t met Sharon (yet).


Activating crowds is one of Sharon’s many talents. With a focus on solutions, not fluff, her keynotes leave people feeling motivated and inspired to put the strategies they have learned into practice.

Why invite Sharon to speak at your next event

In today’s busy world, health and wellbeing is fast becoming one of the world’s most important issues. With more than two decades of experience as a healer, health and wellness speaker Sharon brings a heartwarming and rich perspective to the issue.

Sharon’s Keynote Topics


How many of us know the difference between being in ‘survive’ or in ‘thrive’ mode? This signature keynote is based on Sharon’s book, 28 lessons in Self Mastery. It touches on the core challenges we all face to become the best versions of ourselves – and what we must do to achieve self mastery.


Most businesses are confused about how to support their employees to do the best job they possibly can. In this spellbinding presentation, Sharon demonstrates how people who are connected to their true essence, confident and clear about their life purpose will happily contribute to business success.


We all have a person, situation or memory that we want to let go of because it isn’t serving us anymore. But it’s hard to cut the cord and release ourselves because it’s still sticky. In this soul enrichening keynote, Sharon gifts her audiences with tools to help them cut the cords to an unhealthy scenario and move forward with their life.

* Sharon is able to tailor talks to your specific event. Her repertoire of presentation themes is diverse and includes: clearing negative energy, how to recognise symptoms of burnout and fatigue, adrenal fatigue, following your dreams, drama vs self love – and many more.


In a nice and safe environment, Sharon takes you on an inward journey. Sharon’s laser sharp vision enables her to speak to each person in their own language. Each and every person leaves Sharon’s events energised and with a clear head, as well as feeling connected to themselves and the universe.


Sharon has a unique energy and ability to read a room that allows everyone to feel seen, heard and valued. Her gentle and warm approach, with humour, allows all to feel empowered. Sharon uses her intuition to guide an audience or group, and shares her wisdom in an authentic and transformative way.


I saw Sharon speak at the first edition of the 2018 Mind Body Spirit Festival in Melbourne and was moved by her ability to connect to complete strangers and find common ground with them. Sharon speaks with confidence and compassion, allowing each individual in her presence to soak up every word she says. By incorporating exercises right there and then that draw on emotional recall and trauma, people are able to see that the power really is within. Sharon is merely the vessel.


Are you ready to get activated?