“In late 2017 I was talking with Sharon about one of my dogs who gets extreme anxiety. This had been going on for about 8 years and we had tried everything- medication, herbal remedies, change of diet, dog training etc. The anxiety was so bad that we couldn’t take Bella for walks or even to the dog beach so our poor puppy was stuck at home. Sharon mentioned to me that she also treats pets and would be able to treat Bella for her anxiety. So with a little bit of scepticisim I took Bella along to see Sharon. Bella was in a car accident when she was a puppy which is what triggered her anxiety to begin with. Sharon spent about an hour with Bella and was able to tell me things that I hadn’t even mentioned. Following the appointment I noticed immediate changes in Bella’s behaviour. I previously (for the last 8 years) had to lift her in and out of my car for trips and following the appointment she jumped into the back of the car of her own accord. We noticed at home she is now comfortable going off on her own on our property which I have not seen her do in 8 years (she normally sticks to our other dog like glue and panics if she cant see her). We were also able to take Bella to the beach over christmas and she was the first dog in the water (she would previously wait by the shoreline, whine, and bark). All in all we have a very different dog now thanks to Sharon. I don’t know what you did or how you did it but THANK YOU Sharon for your help with Bella. If your beloved family pet suffers from anxiety I would highly recommend a visit to Sharon so that they can get back to enjoying a life free from fear and stress.”


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