“I have only known Sharon for 4 months but in this short period of time, she has taken me to the best place that I have been, mentally, physically and spiritually in over 15 years! Like many others, I have struggled a great deal with family issues from almost a baby which led me in to a very self destructive path growing up after 18. I was holding on to so many painful memories that only Sharon has been able to surface and help me accept so I can finally move on and be happy. In these 15 years, I have seen other healthcare professionals including medical doctors, psychologists, physchiatrists, ENT specialists, gastroenterologists, physiotherapists and acupuncturists, all as a result of the different ailments surfacing which were all due to the underlying cause, stress.  Sharon is the only person who has been able to treat my body and mind as a whole. In four months, my health, work and mental state have done a complete 180 and I have her to thank for this.  I would recommend Sharon to anyone struggling with any issue but especially those who feel they have tried everything and still don’t feel right. She saved me, I know she will for you too. X”


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