“Before working with Sharon I had been to a Kinesiologist before so I had an idea of what to expect. However Sharon didn’t just use Kinesiology she used over 4 or 5 other tools to not only relieve my stress-filled clenched jaw that I didn’t know I had, but also other emotional and physiological blockages. After only 8 hours of sessions with Sharon the benefits were clearly evident. I took action on exercise commitment I couldn’t do before, my business had a huge influx of work, I felt freer, less restricted, I’ve been more effective in less time allowing more time for family. The qualities I liked best my session with Sharon was her professionalism, her expertise in so many modalities or skills or energy and feeling like I was in really good hands. I have recommended her to 3 other people as the results have been so astounding for me I think everyone should see Sharon.”


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