“Working with Sharon Tal, has had a significant impact on my life, and has played a major role in allowing me to move from just having and being enough to survive to now thriving and feeling good about me and what I am doing. Even after many years of achieving what could have been perceived as more than reasonable success, I began to sabotage myself more and more. I could see what I was doing and I really wanted to change it. I read numerous books on self-help I attended every seminar I could, I used tapping and even hypnosis. The result did not change, intellectually I knew what I needed to do but for some reason I could not make the connection between intellect and emotion, I just couldn’t make the change I knew I needed to! After the very first session with Sharon I felt something move, something changed, she was able to connect me the root of the problem and then helped me deal with it. Wind the clock forward just a few weeks, and here I am doing the things I need to do for my business and enjoying it, watching my business grow which is now taking me to a new level, I’m back exercising to regain my fitness level and maybe lose a few kgs along the way!! The most wonderful thing, however, is how at ease I feel in this whole process. Waking up in the morning looking forward to each day with excitement and passion and hope is invigorating and joyous. Sharon Tal, thank you! Thank you for the inner peace you helped me find and for the joy I now feel and see in living a more abundant and successful life.”


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