“I Love Chocolate! Right now there is most likely a chocolate of some sort calling my name in my hand bag. I can easily in less than 5 minutes eat a block of chocolate and that would sustain me all day until late in the evening. Chocolate was sustaining me and giving me energy to work throughout the day but as I’m a ‘smart cookie’ I knew this was not a healthy way to be and I needed to stop these cravings. I have tried many programs such as the ‘I Quit Sugar Program’ and different products to help reduce my sugar cravings which have not been maintained. ‘Content Thy Self’ is what I now turned to by the wonderful Sharon. With a few drop of this amazing liquid I notice an instant curbing of my cravings and my desire to reach for chocolate has been reducing dramatically and I have been feeling more content within. Being able to carry it with me on the go has assisted me greatly and I recommend all who has a need to crave sweets and wish to take back the control to try this amazing product!”


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