“Wow wow wow….. I’m lost for words ….. yes that’s right haha I know you are all thinking this doesn’t sound like the Tracy I know. Well I’m sorry to say but since I’ve been home I haven’t been my happy self (I know you see the great things I’ve been doing but remember we all only put the good things on social media). An amazing friend picked up on this straight away and referred me to see Sharon Tal from Melbourne Kinesiology & Detox Centre…. it took me a few days to make the call but I really want the next chapter of my life to be the biggest success, I want to excel in my work and love life and wow I’m so glad I made that call! Thinking I knew what was wrong with me, knowing I would believe in myself again after getting the words from someone out of my head….. but how wrong I was (this was a small part of big things I haven’t dealt with). Sharon found my jaw was out of line and after a little bit of pain and strange noises she put it back into place…. I asked her why this would be she gave me a few ideas and then I remembered my accident 2 1/2 years ago I had neglected to tell her about…. when I fall from standing and hit my right side of my face, not only did I suffer physical pain but there was a lot of mental pain that I went through at the time. After no feeling in my cheek for 12 months the last 18 months I’ve had a very different sensation to the left side, after Sharon’s treatment now both sides of my face feel pretty much the same! I can’t thank you enough Sharon…. this is the start of me taking care of myself like I should have been doing all along….. a huge thank you to all my amazing family and friends who have been here for me over these hard last few weeks, putting up with my craziness of emotions and erratic behaviour. Please all do yourself a favour and go see Sharon or reach out to her to see if she knows someone close to you that can help….LIFE IS TO SHORT TO NOT BE HAPPY AND FEELING AMAZING ALL THE TIME.”


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