“I have been struggling with grief, sorrow and mixed emotions due to losing a child. After seeing psychologist, psychiatrists and taking prescribed medication to manage my emotions and noticing a change in myself I decided to stop it. I was suppressing my grief more than anything and was aware of a more sinister true self that was tipping to explode. I decided to face my demons and try to manage my grief. I struggled and became aware of the changes within myself some good and bad. I needed help but a different kind of help. People close to me can see theses changes, so i decided to take on a recommendation from a friend. I’m person who sees thing’s as black and white and not much of a believer in tarot, psychics, crystals, etc…I.went to my appointment with Sharon Tal…. I felt comfortable talking with Sharon she warmed my heart and.made me feel welcome. When I left her office ..I have never felt so light, refreshed, and no more heartache. I’m choosing healthier meals eating breakfast which I have never done. I have control of my inner self, my emotions and thoughts. Just that one hour session has change my life for a better path. THANK YOU SHARON TAL, your an amazing person! I’m a believer now and will continue on my path where ever it leads me.”


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