Are you ready to master your life?
Are you tired of feeling hurt and frustrated?
Do you want to go from survive to thrive?

How Healings Work

Have you ever been through any sort of physical, emotional, spiritual or mental trauma? A trauma healing session with The Soul Alchemist will minimise the ongoing effects that trauma has on you so you can be the best version of yourself. Read on to see what it’s like to work with Sharon Tal.

After more than 20 years working with thousands of clients, I’ve discovered that when you go through a trauma, it’s best to treat it like any other injury. It needs to be attended to quickly. A treatment is like peeling away the layers of an onion. Layer by layer, I get to the core issues and obstacles that stop you from achieving your goals.

I will:

• look after you with skill, love and care
• allow healing to happen with a minimum of scarring
• remove future limitations (blockage in moving forward and pain) within your life.

It really is that simple when you are ready to make a positive change in your life!


In the first session, we will identify the core issues that created the current situation. We will come up with a plan of action to support you and start the healing process. At all times, you will be in a safe, respectful and non judgemental environment.

As a healer, please know that I am here to support you to step into your own power and stand in your truth. So you are always in control of the process. People who work with me tend to have a healing experience that is nurturing, authentic, soulful and strong. The work of surrendering often leads to that. It’s beautiful and empowering and it’s a privilege for me to share this process with you.

I want you to know, the war is over. You are now safe and secure.

Kinesiology & Kinergetics

Kinesiology is a non-invasive method of healing based on the ancient wisdom of the Chinese meridian system. Muscle testing provides us with a brilliant biofeedback system, which is used to identify the cause of your disharmony. This healing therapy is particularly helpful in identifying  emotional, mental and physical imbalances that can lead to self-sabotage, allergies, stress and chronic pain.


Counselling in a safe, supportive environment with someone you trust offers a great opportunity to grow and heal. This form of therapy can help you understand your thought patterns and develop problem-solving strategies. You’ll also explore the conscious or unconscious motivations behind your unwanted feelings or actions, and heal the wounds of the past.

Reiki & Seichem

Used for thousands of years, Reiki and Seichem allow us to tap into the universal energy that is your birth right. These complementary energetic healing therapies are powerful ways of clearing blockages so you can deal with life in a better way. You will learn to take each day as it comes, and be more in touch with your emotions and feelings. I like to use Reiki and Seichem to stimulate personal growth and help my clients reach their true purpose.

Chakra Clearing

To balance your aura, chakras and body, I use crystal healing. Excellent for stress relief and emotional problems, this fascinating form of healing has been used for thousands of years. It has been proven through the test of time to be helpful for any illness with a psychosomatic component, such as headaches, migraines, Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), indigestion and asthma.

Jaw RESET Healing

Even the slightest tension in the jaw muscles can cause the jaw to be out of balance, which has an energetic ‘ripple’ effect throughout the rest of the body. RESET stands for Rafferty Energy System of Easing Temporal Mandibular Joint. This technique works by correcting imbalances within the jaw. It can be wonderful for hormonal balancing, pain reduction, toxin elimination, headaches and relaxing the muscles.

Energy Clearing

Do you need negative energy cleared from your soul or from a space such as a home or business premise? An energy cleanse can be helpful when you’re trying to sell a property or rid yourself of a bad feeling in a space. It can even be a block inside you. The method I use is a very special, powerful way of clearing out the old and welcoming in the new.


I draw on 20 years of experience working with a range of modalities to unlock your specific blocks to create change – change that’s real. Change that lasts.
My mission in life is to bring more healing into the world and support your transformation.

Sharon Tal

Healer, Kinesiologist, Reiki Master,
Meditaion Facilitator & Counsellor


While I enjoy working with all kinds of clients from all walks of life, my core clientele includes:
• young professional or corporate women who work hard and play hard. They try and stay healthy, and want more energy and guidance to find the love of her life. Together, we may explore lifestyle patterns and identify core issues around self confidence to help achieve their desired outcome.
• full-time mums who have little time for themselves. They are exhausted by supporting everyone else and may have an issue with their weight and health. Here, I might suggest a detox plan and a new awareness around self-care.
• couples that would like to remove blockages and keep their fire going. Whether you’re in the dating stage, in a defacto relationship or married with kids, I will help motivate and remind you of why you fell in love with your other in the first place.


Sharon has the amazing ability to make everyone feel comfortable no matter what they are going through, and to specifically be able to tap into the root cause of what a group and individuals need. She has had a life-changing effect on me and has helped me move forward in my life. She is an amazing speaker and facilitator with a special gift of communicating clearly and exactly what is needed by whoever she is speaking to.



I recently completed Sharon’s 28 lessons mastery workshop, which was incredibly powerful and liberating. Her ability to explain and also personalise each lesson while in a group setting is extraordinary. She is a naturally gifted speaker with so much insight to offer. I recommend her to anyone wanting to heal and transform their life.



I have had the pleasure of hearing Sharon present not only in her workshops, but also on numerous occasions. Sharon’s message is always clear and empowering, having that balance between educational and inspirational, encouraging us to take action, and make changes in our lives to move out of surviving to thriving.



Your life can change if you want it to